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We have reduced our greenhouse gas emissions from 17.3 to the current level of 1.8 kg per square metre of energy reference area (-89.6%) since 2010

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The materiality assessment reveals the most relevant ESG topics at Zug Estates. Click here to find out how this information was derived (focus on sustainability).


We develop our properties in line with sustainable principles – and have been doing so for more than ten years now. During this time, we have set the tone across all of Switzerland and consistently followed up our words with deeds.

Grand opening of City Garden Hotel: Zug Estates’ first wooden building

June 2010

Completion of Central Switzerland’s largest wood construction project

July 2018

Start of the private consumption community at the Suurstoffi site

September 2019

Grand opening of the tallest wooden high-rise in Switzerland

November 2019

Connection of the Metalli complex to the Circulago lake water district

June 2020

Additional properties connected to Circulago

December 2023

Metalli Living Space: focus on sustainable development

Zug Estates takes responsibility

CEO Patrik Stillhart on Zug Estates’ most important objectives and strategic focus.

Social topics are a vital component of our sustainability strategy


Whereas the sustainability reports of Zug Estates have primarily addressed environmental issues in the past, in 2020 we took the decision to expand the thematic focus of future reports. Zug Estates’ understanding of sustainability and as well as investors’ and stakeholders’ expectations on the matter also encompass other areas within the ESG spectrum, namely social- and governance-related topics. With this report we now intend to make good on that promise for the first time. This is also the first report compiled in accordance with the GRI standards, an internationally recognised sustainability reporting framework. By expanding the scope of the report, we hope to present our performance in the area of sustainability in a more transparent and comparable way.

The realignment process was kicked off with a materiality assessment in spring 2021 that helped us determine which ESG issues should be addressed in the new sustainability report. This assessment was performed from both an insider’s and outsider’s perspective. We used the insider’s perspective to answer the question of which issues will have the strongest impact on value creation at Zug Estates in the short, medium and long term. The outsider’s perspective focused on defining the issues with the biggest impact on the economy, society and the environment. We also took the concerns of our key stakeholder groups into account.

Both perspectives were evaluated during internal workshops and in consultation with both Group Management and the board of directors and these efforts culminated in the materiality matrix presented below. The twelve topics shown establish a structure for this report and help us further develop our sustainable business activities in line with current and medium-term priorities.

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