"In the medium term, we seek to operate our entire portfolio with renewable energy and without CO2 emissions."

The Zug Estates Group has consciously chosen to build up a portfolio of property investments in centrally located sites with a high building density. The consistent implementation of these principles guarantees a resource-efficient investment policy and, not least, promises sustainable, long-term success.

In developing and implementing its real estate projects, the Group has initially limited itself to setting environmentally relevant targets that it is largely able to meet autonomously:


Use of renewable energy sources; efficient use of energy and resources

Materials and products

Use of materials low in pollutants; use of energy-efficient technologies, products and equipment; short transportation routes


Minimization of CO2 emissions, other combustion gases and fine particulates; reduction of noise and light emissions

Open spaces

Creation of green city spaces; diversity of offerings and use of external spaces

The achievement of these goals during project implementation is also dictated by their economic and technical feasibility.